Wear Your Dreads In All Styles

Wear Your Dreads In All Styles

Your 100% true hair texture is your racial and cultural honor, given as is by your God. It is not an error or curse that your Afrocentric hair texture is wool-like. You were not made like every other race with naturally straight textured hair, and being proven to be the original human, made in the image of God, it simply implies that you have the hair texture of God!

Why do you want to change your hair?

The story of Jewish Samson as told in the bible is probably that of black people whose hair was their strength, not in a physical manner, but strengthened by pride, honor and confidence. Those enemies who understood that spiritual power knew that cutting his hair would diminish his mental capacity because he felt defeated and demeaned. Maybe it's the very reason slave masters made our enslaved African ancestors feel bad about their true hair texture. They called it "nasty", "unkempt", "nappy", "ugly" -- all English words that should never have bothered us, but it does until today. As long as we keep chemically altering our God given hair texture to adapt to the masters', we keep giving them our spiritual strength and superiority over us. This vain crave for unnatural straight hair needs to end.

One thing is sure... you'll never see races with NATURALLY straight hair, chemically altering their hair on an industrial scale, to copy the woolen texture of Afrocentric people, so why do we copy them? Maybe it is a bad state of self-hate, embedded by over 200 years of slavery!

The doctor is in the house!

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