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Shaun Damian Smith was born February 8, 1982 to parents Delores Anderson and Derrick 

Smith, and raised in D-Side district located in Linstead, a small inland town famously known for its bustling weekly fresh produce market, nestled north-north west of Spanish Town in the Parish of St. Catherine, Jamaica. 

Growing up in D-side district Sativa D Black 1's upbringing both humbled and humoured him at the same time. His mother, a household helper and market vendor, and father, a bus driver occupied a one bedroom shack with their five kids. Life could not get tougher for the family, the father was never home and mother overworked, under-paid and stressed. Sativa, his brothers and sister faced humiliation from other kids who mocked them so often as a result of their living conditions that going to school each morning became a hard task.  

Linstead All Age (now Primary and Junior High) and Bog Walk Secondary schools were the farthest Shaun 'Sativa D Black 1' Smith got with education. At age 15 he intentionally dropped out after only one term, yielded by the need to seek employment so he could assist his depressed mother. He took a job at a supermarket in the town where he worked for 10 years.

The 34 years old dread-locked entertainer resisted the temptation to part-take in school football competitions during his formative years due to poverty stricken conditions but jumped at a second opportunity years later and became known as the skillful Forward, 'Tommy Skunk,' a name he took on from a joke between him and a close friend about an elder who paid them $10 as his 'send-outs' in the district. The games were just fun for him but his passion and skill propelled him in the sport from a minor to national league competitor. Tommy Skunk created a major opportunity for himself but the mental defect of his unfortunate upbringing would again override a once in a life time opportunity. The day after his first training session with National league team Rivioli, Sativa D Black 1 simply walked away.

Nonetheless the multi-talented dread-locked entertainers' suffering and tribulations made him compassionate. The warmth of the people in and around his community, nightlife activities such as a 'penny concert', clubs and lounges in the busy town of Linstead positively impacted his life. Music and entertainment overshadowed the difficult times and he alluded to it.

Sativa formed 'an alliance' with friends who were relentless in their efforts to be heard. He started selecting on a sound system called Upsetta and from there gained experience mixing deejays toasting live on mics. The move would become a launch pad for his own deejay career as one fateful Friday night he was coaxed by a veteran to show off his talent for the people; Sativa for the first time realized where his true potential lies.  

Influenced by the likes of Capleton, Sizzla and Bounty Killer, Sativa D Black 1s strong vocals, playful lyrics and charisma quickly captured the hearts of his 'parisheners'. The name Tommy Skunk stuck with him but not long enough as it was deemed 'inappropriate' when he entered major talent competition, Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall in 2012. He renamed himself, Sativa a name used to describe 'high energy marijuana' and added the black one to distinguish himself from a local female artiste also of the same name. Sativa D Black 1 did not make it as a finalist in the Magnum talent competition but would have benefited from massive television exposure the show receives across the island.

In 2015 he went on to release his first recording 'Elders' produced by Hungry Mouth Production and 'Know Jah' produced by Wade Wade Productions. But it was his signing with New York based CharmB Productions that made a positive impact in his career.  In 2016 Sativa D Black 1 released a single entitled, "Petty Thief" on the YGF Recording label, a song in which he made fun of the hardship he faced in his past. He went on to release "Ungrateful" the first official single on his label and 2017 EP of the same name. 

This St. Catherine native Shaun 'Sativa D Black 1' Smith has truly made his mark. His impressive stage craft, clarity, high energy and witty lyrics sets him apart from his peers.

The year 2017 became his best year as singer/songwriter/entertainer. The CharmB Productions lead artist made an indelible mark in the reggae/dancehall entertainment industry throughout the year. Performing across 99% of all major stage show and/or festivals held in Jamaica, Sativa D black 1’s rousing performances have tremendously increased his popularity among reggae/dancehall fans as his music gets placed in consistent rotation across main radio stations. Songs most notable throughout the year includes Petty Thief, Check On I and Foreign Mind.

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