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Newness, born Devon Nunes; on October 9, 1961 to Ivan “Dada” and Ioney “Aunt” Nunes is a Jamaican reggae producer, songwriter and singer.

Newness was born in Barbican, St. Andrew at the University of the West Indies Hospital in Kingston, Jamaica. At the tender age of 5 years old he was sent to live with his paternal grandmother (Hilda Gayle a.k.a “Miss Hilda”) in the Western parish of Westmoreland.

While living in the District of Lambs River in Westmoreland with his grandparent (Miss Hilda and Mas Charlie) they insisted that Newness regularly attended Sunday school and church service every Sunday, it was there during these many church assemblies at the Rat Trap Church and Lambs River all age school that Newness developed his love of singing and began horning his skill as a singer.

Two years later, in 1968 Newness returned to Barbican, Saint Andrew. In that same year Newness’ parents enrolled him as a student in Shortwood Practicing School.While attending Shortwood School Newness made his first live stage appearance by performing the popular Michael Jackson’s 1972 hit song “Ben.” His performance was met with a rousing standing ovation from the more than 1,000students and teachers in the school auditorium that bright sunny day in 1973 and Newness was subsequently dubbed him the “Little Michael Jackson”. Newness made several performances during his years at Shortwood School but most was restricted to school events.

Newness left Shortwood Practicing School in September 1974 to attend Calabar High School and continued his love of singing and performing he regularly performed at school events in the Kingston and Saint Andrew co-operate area but he was advised and admonished by his parents to commit and focus more on being successful at his GCE O and A-Levels examination. After successfully graduating and leaving Upper Six Form (Grade 13) at Calabar High School in 1981, several

months later Newness went to work at Mutual Life Assurance Company as a retirement benefit clerk in their Pension Department. While at Mutual Life Newness continued singing but stopped performing. An astute mathematician whose daily job description included reconciling benefit plans, Newness quickly developed a love and interest (no punintended) in the actuarial science disciplined. After seven (7) years at Mutual Life, Newness continued to have a deep love and interest in Actuarial Science. In 1988 Newness completed all his Professional Insurance Designations and then migrated to Temple University in the United States to study Actuarial Science.

While at Temple University, Newness successfully completed his Bachelor and Master’s degrees in Business Administration with a specialty in Actuarial Science and Risk Management and Insurance in both Degrees. In 2000 Newness successfully completed his PhD. in Business Administration specializing in Risk Management and Insurance. Newness never pursued his musical career during his collegiate years his main objective was to complete his academic career and to work in corporate America.

It was only after the death of the late great boxing legend Muhammad Ali that Newness decided to go to his music. Newness quickly contacted several friends and went into the studio and used his musical talent to pay tribute to the late great iconic legend that he and his father loved and admired so much the greatest of all times Muhammad Ali . On June 6, 2016 Newness wrote, produced and releases his first song titled “Ali.”

He quickly followed up “Ali” that same year with another tribute song dedicated to his beloved countryman and the fastest man on the planet Usain Bolt the single was also entitled “Usain Bolt. Newness went on to write, sing and produced several other singles including “Silent One” which addresses the critical political climate in the United States, a reflective love song he entitled “Memories,” “Terrorizing Jah Son” another single by Newness. a song that depicts the vicious assault by the U.S. constabulary force on innocent black and brown men in our society, “O’ Jah
Jah” a song praising the Almighty One for his wonders and pleading to him to give him the powers to let him do his work, “Injustices” compare past atrocities against blacks and other minorities with contemporary systemic racism and “The Illegal War On Drug” is a song that criticize the war on drug as a war not to protect people lives, property and communities but a war designed by the U.S. government to destroy, dehumanized and destabilized particularly blacks and brown families.

Newness is a deeply cultural and a conscious root reggae songwriter, producer and singer. Newness is of the mould and was inspired by great ones, such as Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Dennis Brown and Joseph Hill of Culture just to name a few.

Gifted with word, sound and power Newness uses his lyrically potent talent to address and stand up for those in our society whose rights are blatantly infringed upon. He uses his music to vehemently stand up for the disenfranchised in our society and those whose social, legal, political, religious and economic rights are being violated on a daily basis. Despite his late musical professional start in reggae music, Newness though provoking lyrics, powerful sound and message will no doubt have an indelible impact and help to resuscitate and inspire an ailing genre.

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