Jae Prynse "Feel My Pain"

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Dedication, commitment and persistence are just a few of the qualities Jae Prynse showcased, in 2016, whilst officially stamping his name on the international Reggae and Dancehall scene.

In October 2016, he commanded the airways with his hit single; "Try Harder", which left the industry stunned and anticipating more.

Striving for excellence, he has once again proven to the music fraternity that he is a force to be reckoned with; never the underdog to be overlooked.

His new single  "Feel My Pain", on the Real Pain Riddim; is a heart felt cry urging society to refrain from the abuse and mistreatment of women/females and children. The lyrics beckons to our society to change, against the background of all the senseless rape cases, body and organ harvesting and murders that have been committed in the past few months in Jamaica.

His vocals and melody provokes an intense tug at the heart for the enforcement of change which needs to be exercised individually and collectively.

This is a must listen and receives a thumbs up from Supa Jamz Radio; "We stay jamming!" 

Telling all everytime!

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