Lady Breeze

Lady Breeze

Lady Breeze hails from the parish of Manchester, JA and migrated to the states at age 8. It was just something about The love for music is accredited to Miss Yvonne, better known as mommy. Lady Breeze received her calling when She attended her first 5th grade dance in elementary school. She admired how the Dj commanded attention from all the kids. From there, she became an prentice doing secretarial work for a high school radio station. she then landed her own radio program on college radio at the University of Hartford. Lady Breeze was in her prime at age 16, playing at high school, college and wedding functions. With motivational backing from mommy, she attended broadcasting school to further her love for music and radio. Things took a turn for the worst when her mother became ill and soon pasted away in 2007. It was during this time that she relocated to Ft. Lauderdale, FL becoming a contender in the dj fraternity. Lady Breeze caters to the listeners with her vast knowledge of musical genre. She strives to educate and entertain through music.

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