What's Hot and Trending

What's Hot and Trending

Road rage in Austin, Texas Published January 27, 2016

It's always the boys who lose their cool on the streets. All that Redbull in their blood and no where to fly, trivial actions triggers rage. The little guy is quite bold though.

Things You Should Know About The Dreaded Zika Virus: It has Been Compared To Ebola Published January 26, 2016

A medical report indicates the Zika virus isn’t fatal, but researchers working to find a vaccine, have likened the experience to that of the Ebola virus. The virus’ symptoms include rashes, fever, headaches, pain behind the eyes, and joint pain.…

On da funny side Published January 26, 2016

When you know you got a man and he says you are fine The priest's reaction when the godfather confesses to multiple murders and more dark stuff When you go to work in uniform

Jail Break: The Escape Of Hossein Nayeri, Jonathan Tieu And Bac Duong from the Central Jail in Santa Ana, California Published January 25, 2016

These guys wer in Jail? They were accused of violent crimes spanning 2012 - 2015 and yet they were in some mediocre jail with the threat of life in prison. What else would they be dreaming about every night. Last…

Jaden and Willow Smith are targets of media envy Published January 22, 2016

It seems the more media a star gains, the more envious journalists target them and try to tear them down with nasty and pointless negative reviews. Jaden and Willow Smith are celebrities, nay, super celebrities and hence are not normal…

T.I Loves to flash gold but now being sued by JEWelry company. Niggas will always be just consumers. Published January 8, 2016

Rapper T.I. is so broke that at least one jewelry store is done with him, claiming he walked off with a ton of their bling and never had the money to pay. The jewelry company Aydin & Co in Georgia…

N.W.A is about to be inducted in Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame and they will perform but they need a viable filler for EZ E Published January 5, 2016

When news broke that N.W.A. would be inducted into the next class at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, the whole hip-hop world was elated. “This means that the group’s mark is solidified,” Ice Cube said during a new…

Lark Voorhies The other negro that declares she is not black Published January 5, 2016

Lark Voorhies AKA Lisa Turtle the beloved rich girl from Saved By The Bell, keeps trying to reset her 15 minutes of fame clock over and over with failure typically being the end result. The former Saved By The Bell…

ESPN anchor stuart scott's daughters post heart rending emotional video to commemorate dad 1 year after death Published January 5, 2016

Sports anchor for ESPN, Stuart Scott died from cancer disease in January 2015 and his daughters joined the fight to cure cancer (what a long shot). They have posted this video triggering water-shedding around the globe. [adinsert3/]
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