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Why are men of the past who plundered and murdered, honored are "great"

Why are men of the past who plundered and murdered, honored are

The history books have laid honor on many men of the past, mostly white and Christian, even though such men attacked and plundered lands occupied by humans, slaughtered, raped, maimed and enslaved the natives.

Those men have been given immortality in the form of statues, numerous books, movies and plays. Their evil, though denounced by the religions they practiced, have been recognized as great acts and that they were empowered by 'god'. What 'god' gives one man power to go attack and slaughter humans who never fucked with them?

Today similar men in first world countries waste the Earth resources to build more efficient weapons to kill humans, while ignoring the billions of suffering people around the globe, and doing so under the banner of "good". How the fuck is mass killing "good"?!

The fact is that all these men of the past and today who attack other lands and massacre the inhabitants have two things in common -- religion and greed!


Let your thoughts out. Repressing your quest for knowledge based on fear of the oppressors will forever keep you enslaved!

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