Was It A Set-Up, Hate Crime, or A Crime of Passion

Was It A Set-Up, Hate Crime, or A Crime of Passion

The death of one of Jamaica’s popular fashion designer/model has left many flabbergasted by the circumstances surrounding his death.

Dexter 3D Pottinger, found dead on Thursday, August 31, 2017, at his residence in St. Andrew, Jamaica, compelled many to express their condolences, shock and gross disgust; towards his tragic death. His decomposing body, against the background of, a bloodstained bedroom; painted a gruesome crime scene, leaving many unanswered questions as to who or why he was murdered.

Rumors have been spreading far and wide, within the dancehall fraternity, suggesting many individuals including a popular blogger/vlogger as a suspect in the crime. These allegations lead to the camp of Rohan “Quiet Perry” Perry publishing a formal cease and desist / public announcement on Instagram yesterday leaving many to retract their statements which implicated him as a suspect in the murder.

Public Announcement

So far, police have one suspect in custody, as the investigations continues.



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