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The black dude went nuts and let out his inner white mass killer

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The black dude went nuts and let out his inner white mass killer

This dude called Dwayne must have held some crazy thoughts for many years and probably just wanted to be white. Some who knew him said that if you heard him speaking and didn't see him, you'd think it was a lily white Harvard grad, maybe he was convinced he was white (like Mike Tirico who is jet black but says he came from white parents).

People are still trying to figure out his reason for killing 11 people on Friday, May 31. Is it that he heard voices from 'god' or his neighbor's dog (like son-of-sam)? It's not like he was fired or bullied. Whatever triggered his ass, the only reason he was able to take out so many is simply because of the silly gun laws that make it easy to get many guns and ammo.

This shit will never end until rich folk start dying by madmen with guns.


Let your thoughts out. Repressing your quest for knowledge based on fear of the oppressors will forever keep you enslaved!

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