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This pair of Air Jordans were dug from the trash and restored to look like brand new and can fetch prices from $650 - $1,200. Ain't dat some ish!

Before the invasion of Africa by white slave traders, African women kept the hair texture they were born with and styled it as the trend of their African tribe was. The white slave owners insulted black women about their "nappy" hair so much during the slave period that they felt the need to alter their hair texture to copy that of the white woman. Through the years they used various methods of straightening, all of which were painful, and today the most common method is to glue in hair that has been discarded by women who were born with NATURALLY straight hair (Asians, Indians etc).

The discarded hair is collected, processed and sold at high prices by Asians who grow wealthy from the black women who crave straight hair, due to that state of self-hate instilled during slavery. So the crave is entirely a residual slave state-of-mind. You are still slaves! The very Asians who sell you the fake hair are laughing at you and abusing you when you go into their stores. They follow you around and call you criminals.

Why degrade yourselves to copy others?




The Christian bible states that the 'gods' made man in their image and the black man is the ONLY human with a unique hair texture. What if that means ONLY the black man is truly in the image of the gods?! Doesn't the act of UNNATURALLY straightening your hair imply a slap in the face of the gods for making you "imperfect"?!

No human kind who is born with NATURALLY straight hair has the desire to alter that hair to COPY the black woman, which indicates that no one likes the natural black hair texture, and that should not be taken as an insult but a point of pride, that we stand alone with the maker!

White folks are well aware that black women need to copy them to be acceptable in THEIR white society, and they have a valuable vested interest to keep black women believing that nonsense. This image was posted at a bigoted white forum to laugh at black women and acknowledge their awareness of the black woman's self-hate..


You are not fooling anyone or making white women envious when you show up with long flowing straight hair. Everyone knows it's all just fake trash hair that you bought with your hard earned dollars, while your rent goes unpaid and your kids eat poisonous canned foods.


Quit the self-hate and crave for unnatural straight hair


This video of black people dumpster diving to get fake hair thrown out by an Asian store. This is the lowest level of straight hair crave.

Life is better and you gain much more respect from other culture when you love the natural attributes you were given and proudly wear it in all the styles you can configure.


Here are truly self loving black women who have proven that they can be very successful while maintaining their true hair and dignity.

The history books have laid honor on many men of the past, mostly white and Christian, even though such men attacked and plundered lands occupied by humans, slaughtered, raped, maimed and enslaved the natives.

Those men have been given immortality in the form of statues, numerous books, movies and plays. Their evil, though denounced by the religions they practiced, have been recognized as great acts and that they were empowered by 'god'. What 'god' gives one man power to go attack and slaughter humans who never fucked with them?

Today similar men in first world countries waste the Earth resources to build more efficient weapons to kill humans, while ignoring the billions of suffering people around the globe, and doing so under the banner of "good". How the fuck is mass killing "good"?!

The fact is that all these men of the past and today who attack other lands and massacre the inhabitants have two things in common -- religion and greed!

The boxing champ Floyd Mayweather's little girl has been chasing the "bad boys" since she graduated high school and skipped college (probably too dumb for college) to just roam the planet and spend her pappy's money. It's pretty much what all those rich Hollywood offsprings do anyway.

She had been spotted at multiple places hugging titghtly with ghetto rapper "nba youngboy" who at the time had a girl or 2 pregnant. Yaya, posted and removed an Instagram photo which someone immediately noted that she seemed to be pregnant. She immediately deleted the post and has gone silent since. Maybe it is true that she is stuffed, but is the sperm donor that rapper? That's is the big speculation. Poppa Floyd will not be happy about that shit!

The ghetto rapper was arrested in February 2019 in Atlanta after assaulting a hotel employee, and that's the kinda life he knows best. He certainly is not a fit for the Mayweather "Money Team" 'cos he would just be a legal expense forever.


NBA Youngboy has 4 kids, 2 more girls pregnant, herpes and 10 other women on the side. 

Even with all that knowledge, a woman named Arabia got his face tattooed on her chest.

Arabia claims that she is going to be with Youngboy forever, but she isn’t with him now, so it is a bit confusing.  Youngboy appears to be with Floyd Mayweather’s daughter.

Forbes Magazine just announced that Rihanna is now worth $600 million, over her boss's wife Beyonce, who is worth $400 mil. Of course that's just for the books. No doubt Bey's total longside hubby is close to $1.5 billion so she ain't bothered.

All hail miss Rihanna. Hopefully she'll start dropping a few offsprings to pass that wealth on. At age 31, she's listed as the world's richest female artist.

That ass is going to be down to her knees if she makes it to age 70. Is it that men want to see those fake asses or are women just trying to one-up each other? This is just ludicrous.

Saweetie got a Brazilian Butt Lift! Her body looked great before so what drove her to spend $50k for silicone. One wonders what it feels like to sit on silicone ass.



Saweetie's body before the ass boost

Marlon Wayans' daughter Amai Zackary Wayans turned 19 last week and she celebrated by telling the family that she loved to lick clits! Is it just fashionable for these celebrity off springs to bat for the other team, 'cos this is quite common in tinsel town.

Dad and mom are OK with choice of Amai and are standing by her. Maybe the hope is that it is just a phase and she will out grow the curiosity and eventually chase long dicks!

Amai Zackary Wayans.jpg

Your current driver's license may not be enough to get you through security at the airport: As of October 1, 2020, every air traveler 18 or older will need a Real ID-compliant driver's license or another accepted form of ID to fly within the United States.

Under the bullshit guise of "homeland security", the drumpf government is enforcing a system call "real ID" but the ultimate goal is to separate the "illegal immigrants" and do a mass sweep. Watch out for the next American civil war.

Black men who are married to white women feel entitled and believe they are free to go any where in America and tend to be condescending to black people (Clarence Thomas). They also believe white men really like them because they are not like "other blacks".

A black dude in Jacksonville, Fl went to Tailgatorz Sports Bar & Grill on Mother’s Day with his white wife and felt all safe and secure. Then 66 year old Warren Stratton, a redneck bigot walked up to the black man and blurted out "is it Africa day". If the black dude had any sense, he would have left immediately but he decided to flaunt his delusional state of entitlement, and told the bigot to "move along". Well dem are just fightin' werds fer that there redneck! The dude jumped on him and started beating, then his brother and son joined in to kick the shit outta the negro.

Rule of thumb for black folks. If a gang of white dudes say get the fuck out... just get the fuck out!

In April, SZA the rapper tweeted about her experience in a Sephora in Calabasas, California, saying security was called because a staff member thought she was stealing from the store, and the black Twittersphere went off on the store! Now Sephora has closed all stores for a day of black people pity, labeled as "racial training"!

The fact is -- WHITE FOLKS BUILT THEIR STORES FOR WHITE FOLKS!! Get that into your black heads and you will understand why the racial profiling will FOREVER occur. For one, a negro woman (SZA) with unnaturally long straight hair is already a sign of self hate and disloyalty and EVERY other human race and the animal and insects see that as the weakness of the black race.

Black people are not despised because of the color of their skin! Heck south Indians and the natives of Australia are absolute black yet not hated as the African. No, black Africans are hated by all races because of their mental weakness, disloyalty to their race, fear, dependency and submissiveness. No one wants their kids to associate with such inferior human characteristics. Rise up and restore what once was a mighty race who built pyramids, irrigated deserts, performed surgery, wrote books and developed mathematical equations.

To avoid the hate:

  • Unite financially
  • Build your own brands just like whitey did
  • Support ONLY black owned businesses
  • STOP chasing what the white man built ONLY for white people
  • Stop begging for white pity
  • Stop BLAMING white folks for your sorry ass life
  • Quit hating your natural appearance

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