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Jamaica has nothing on India when it comes to skin bleaching

Jamaica has nothing on India when it comes to skin bleaching

Women in India are obsessed with light skin complexion, a scourge left on them when the British owned their ass. They are sold on the nonsense that white skin is better and means superiority. They spend over $11 billion annually on skin lightening, more than all the Caribbean and Africa combined. Dat is some serious obsession! WTF?!

The dark skinned Indians tend to be in the South (it's like every where the South is always the "bad part"), and they are despised by the northers, some are called "untouchables" and avoided. The social class system keeps people divided and oppressed. When those dark skinned Indians encounter Africans, they treat them as inferiors. Ain't dat some bullshit!


Let your thoughts out. Repressing your quest for knowledge based on fear of the oppressors will forever keep you enslaved!

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