DJ Envy Agrees With Trump..Says We Should Bring Back "Stop & Frisk" ..If Done The Right Way

DJ Envy Agrees With Trump..Says We Should Bring Back "Stop & Frisk" ..If Done The Right Way

Twitter followers Did not waste time Going in on Dj Envy This Morning For Supporting Trumps Idea to bring back Stop and Frisk. Following The first presidential debate between Republican and Democratic nominees Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton last night, there were a few heated discussion ranging from the economy to foreign policy. On the subject of domestic violence, Trump recommended bringing back Stop and Frisk, a policy carried out by the NYPD in recent years. Discussing the debates this morning, Power 105’s The Breakfast Club offered their one-of-a-kind perspective , with DJ Envy agreeing with Trump’s proposal.


The show then invited listeners to weigh in on the discussion, with one calling Envy, whose father is a retired police officer, out for his stance. “Yeah I believe stop and frisk works in certain areas,” Envy then said. “Especially areas where crime is high you should absolutely positively check and see who’s on the streets. There shouldn’t be kids and people hanging on the corner 1, 2 in the morning doing what they do. If you from the hood, you know what niggas is doin’ on the corner at 11 and 12.”

DJ Envy sticks to his point and believes that, if done the right way, stop-and-frisk could be effective.

Naturally, Twitter Followers has responded to Envy’s remarks with harsh criticism. 





| September, 27th, 2016
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