Iba Mahr releases touching video for his lover's anthem "Love You Girl"

Iba Mahr releases touching video for his lover's anthem "Love You Girl"


Iba Mahr released his emotional video for the Reggae song "Love You Girl" on September 4 and less than 1 week later it has earned over 5,000 views on Youtube.

The track evokes a range of powerful emotions with potent lyrics and a memorable melody so we're not surprised that fans were anticipating the release of the video. It also succeeded in capturing the essence of the track by delivering a clean edit and perfect timing to connect each scene. One could've watched the video on mute and still felt the power behind the production.

Performed to the In Transit Riddim produced by Notis Music Group, Iba Mahr’s song has touched Reggae enthusiasts who deem the song to be a symbol of Rasta love which sometimes does not receive visual highlights as much as it receives audio highlights.

Filmed and Directed by Stone Image Productions, the video was shot in Amsterdam while Iba was on a promotional tour across Europe during the summer (of 2014). The video’s concept shows the dynamics between a boyfriend and girlfriend who have a misunderstanding, and the way in which the misunderstanding is resolved. About the video, Iba says “sometimes relationships have ups and downs over simple things. This video shows one of the ways in which a problem can be solved, and relationships repaired!”

Pouring his heart out to the apple of his eye, and speaking on behalf of millions of men around the world who have found themselves in similar situations, Iba Mahr’s lyrics, “I just simply love it when you put it on I / cause ain’t no other do it better than I / remember it was love that created you and I / so don’t be shy / this love we constituted / could never be diluted / and you’re the prescription the doctor recommended...” has had particular impact on male listeners.

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